Talent Scout – Online Talent Hunt

Posted: June 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

Talent Idols


We introduce TALENT IDOL (TI) a brand new online competition. We are looking for any type of act including vocalists, bands, musicians, comedians, dance acts, acrobats, sports performers and magicians – anyone who can put on an amazing performance and become the new star of the events industry where the real money is! Win prizes, a contract with a top agency and free promotion of your act.

We have come up with a great new concept and innovative online talent scout. A platform for stars to become known and have following with the opportunity to win prizes and fame.

TI is a portal to get a following of a large audience for the gifted and watch the talented battle against each other to achieve their dreams through video sharing.

So if you have any aptitudes or know anyone with gift; spread the word and send them our way!! Fear not! Our Talent Hunters are out to get you!

Upload Talent Videos at Talentidols.com

  1. bakhtiar says:

    salam frends

    i am good poet and written good songs so plz keep in touch


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